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Will my pricing/discounts change?   

No, your pricing/discounts will not change. Atlas and DT have aligned pricing earlier in the year 

Will my Account Manager be the same person?  

In most cases, your Account Manager will remain the same; however, some clients may be assigned a new AM. 

Will my servicing Distribution Centre change?  

In most cases your DC will remain the same. It will change for some clients as we remapped client locations to our various DCs in order to provide an improved delivery service. Your Facing Distribution Centre communication has been sent out on Friday, Jun 19.  

Will my delivery schedule change?  

Do the cut-offs change? 

Your Delivery schedule and Cut-offs times will remain the same unless you have been assigned a new servicing Distribution Centre. You will be receiving more information on this topic on upcoming weeks. 

Will I need a new login for the DT Tire ordering portal?  

How do I get training if I need it?  

The DT Tire site is a CoStar based system which many of you are familiar with  

You will need a new login credential only if you do not already have access to DT Tire’s e-commerce portal.  

New user credentials have been sent out on Friday, Jun 19 

Atlas credentials were “user” based. DT Tire’s are “account” based 

You will now have ONE credential for your online account to share within your team 

Change of password: 


Are the Order Desk/CSR phone numbers the same?  

Yes, the phone numbers will remain the same 

905-670-9791;  416-292-8202;  1-888-670-6706   

You can also access DT Tire directly at: 

1-833-638-8473  / 

Opening Hours: 

Mon – Fri:  8:00AM – 5 :00 PM    eastern time 

Sat:              8:30AM – 12:30PM    eastern time 

What happens to my credit for tires returned (RGA)? 

Any credits for returned tires will be transferred to your DT Tire account 

What happens with outstanding credit values (promotions, Coop, etc.)? 

Any outstanding credits from various programs/promotions/coop will be transferred to your DT Tire account 

What happens to the tires I sent in for Warranty? 

Do I contact/speak to the same person? 

 All warranty claims will be transferred to your DT Tire account. You will continue to deal with the same people 

What happens to the Associate Dealer Programs that I am part of?   

Do I need to re-register?  

What happens to my status/targets/etc.?   

Do I have to do anything to change the Wholesale Distributor (WD) with the manufacturers of the Associate Dealer Programs (ADP)? 

All ADP member accounts will be transferred from Atlas Tire to DT Tire along with all related targets 

Do I need to complete a new credit application for Groupe Touchette? 

If your Atlas account is currently set up to pay invoices by Credit Card, you will be required to send in a new CC CARD FORM to our Accounting Dept at Please note, that a communication with this information was sent to the affected clients on Thursday, June 18.  

Will my credit terms change?  

No, your credit terms and conditions will not change. If there is an issue, you will be notified directly from our Accounting team  

Will my sales history be retained?  

Yes, historical data will remain accessible after the “go live” 

Will I be able to return tires that I purchased from Atlas to DT Tire? 

Yes, after the approval of inquiry is done on the historical data